Reg Name Aust Ch. Polcevera’s Astrid
Sire: Italian Ch.Polcevera’s Nerone
Dam:  Italian Ch. Polcevera’s Luna
Whelped: 11 August 2013

Hip Score:2:2

Call Name – Astrid

Achievements: Australian Champion


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE It.Ch. Polcevera’s Nerone  Adone (Ital)  Pauso dei Bricchi ( Ital)
 Aida dell’Angelo del Summano (Ital)
 Ari (Ital)  Polcevera’s Ceres (Ital)
 Darma  (Ital)

DAM It. Ch. Polcevera’s Luna 


Polcevera’s Brando (Ital)   Polcervera’s Conte ( Ital)
 Polcervera’s Dona ( Ital) 
 Polcevera’s Prada ( Ital)  Caravaggio ( Ital)
 Polcervera’s Cora (Ital)


Astrid arrived in Australia In October 2014. After spending 10 days in quarantine in Melbourne she flew home to Qld on November 3, 2014.

Astrid was much loved in Italy by her breeder, Maurizio and co-breeder,Patrizia Chiappara and spent much of her young life in the home of Patrizia and her daughter. She was fortunate to have lots of socialisation, enjoyed outings to the beach and in the forest, and to the occasional show, and was truly a happy girl by the time she came to Australia at the age of 14 months.
She immediately adapted to the household our of Vizslas and made our home her home.

Astrid spent her “show career” in Sydney, at the home of our friends, Graham and Leonie Kellett who kindly showed her on our behalf to her Australian title. The Kellets own a beautiful Bracco boy, Aust. Gr.Champion, Sobers Acchilleus – Chilli – who was also imported from Italy. They fell in love with Astrid because of her lovely outgoing personality and friendly nature.

Unfortunately we are not able to hunt with Astrid here in Qld as hunting is illegal in this state, however Astrid is crazy about retrieving anything thrown so I have no doubt her hunting skills would be superb.


Astrid’s Sire, It. Ch. Polcevera’s Nerone

Astrid’s Dam It. Ch. Polcevera’s Luna


Baby Astrid


Astrid after arriving in Australia

Astrid with Kentucky



Astrid strutting her stuff!